Consumer Council

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From the Consumer Council Representative

The NAMI Michigan Consumer Council is pleased to announce that we are preparing to launch our web page on the NAMI Michigan web site. We are doing this with several objectives in mind.  This page will give people who are consumers a venue for expressing themselves about matters that are important to them. We expect that others will gain a better understanding of people who live with psychiatric brain disorders. This page is dedicated to fighting the discrimination, commonly called stigma, we face because of our illnesses, and to educating the general public about the realities and the possibilities that we, who live with illness, call our lives. Read More…


On Recovery

What I Wish I’d Known About Recovery

By Marty Raaymakers

When people ask me to write about recovery now, my brain always seems to gravitate to the things I know now that I wish I had learned a lot sooner. After all I was raised in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave and in America all things can be fixed.

When talking about recovery and mental illness, for many of us a permanent fix is not possible. Things do get better, even awesome sometimes. It usually takes a time and hard work to achieve. It took me quite a while to find my way. Read more…

Below the Neck- Towards Whole Body Health

In reaction to the statistic that people who live with psychiatric brain disorders have an average life expectancy of 53 years, which is 25 years shorter than the 78 years average life expectancy of the general population in the U. S., NAMI developed the “Hearts and Minds” program. This program has three parts: smoking cessation, nutrition, and exercise. Each part provides ideas that can help people to become healthier. The goal is for people, through “Hearts and Minds” to learn to make life style changes. Read more…