About the Consumer Council

National NAMI has a Consumer Council that is advisory to The NAMI Board of Directors (BOD). The Consumer Council has an annual meeting every year just before the beginning of the NAMI annual convention. At this meeting the Consumer Council elects its representative who sits on the national BOD. Additionally, the Consumer Council meets via telephone every other month. Each NAMI state organization has a seat on the national Consumer Council

NAMI Michigan has its Consumer Council annual meeting at the NAMI Michigan conference, at which the Consumer Council Representative to the national Consumer Council and two co-alternates are elected. Every affiliate is invited to have a person who is a consumer be a member of the NAMI Michigan Consumer Council. Michigan’s Consumer Council meets periodically via telephone. For more information about the NAMI Michigan Consumer Council please call Bill Feiser, the Consumer Council representative, at 734.904.6157.

Statement of Resposibility:

The opinions expressed on this web page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the NAMI Michigan Board of Directors. The opinions expressed by contributors to this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the NAMI Michigan Consumer Council.

Editorial Policy:

An Editorial Team has responsibility for the content of the Consumer Council web page. Submission of articles is welcome from all people who are consumers, but not everything submitted will be posted on the web page. Articles may be edited for clarity and length. An article deemed to be disrespectful of others or their ideas will not be posted.