From the Consumer Council Representative

A Call For Submissions

The NAMI Michigan Consumer Council is pleased to announce that we are preparing to launch our web page on the NAMI Michigan web site. We are doing this with several objectives in mind.  This page will give people who are consumers a venue for expressing themselves about matters that are important to them. We expect that others will gain a better understanding of people who live with psychiatric brain disorders. This page is dedicated to fighting the discrimination, commonly called stigma, we face because of our illnesses, and to educating the general public about the realities and the possibilities that we, who live with illness, call our lives.

But, the subject matter will not be our diagnoses. We will focus on our strengths, our abilities and our determination to live life as fully as possible. I offer for your consideration the words: recovery, hope, self-empowerment and wellness. Our contributors will demonstrate the ways in which the concepts and practices represented by these words are very real in their lives.

We call for submissions from people who are consumers. We have an editorial team that is responsible for the look and content selection of this page. We will not be able to post every submission.

Among the sections on the web page are:

On Recovery:
• We will have articles on different aspects of recovery, including consumer articles about using the principles of recovery in their lives.

Below the Neck–Toward Whole Body Health:
• This will include articles from diverse sources, including individuals’ stories of how they learned to become healthier.

Our Stories:
• What happened of significance in your life that contributed to your recovery journey.

Consumers’ Creations:
• Examples of your creative writing and articles about your experiences in the visual and performing arts, videos and photographs of your creations in the visual arts.

News Notes:
• Brief reports of or links to news of interest to NAMI members.

Okay, people who are consumers, start your engines. Send your submissions to Articles should be Word documents, and photographs need to be sent as jpegs, as e-mail attachments. We are off on a new adventure.