A MUST READ BOOK - HENRY'S DEMONS by Patrick and Henry Cockburn

With tremendous honesty and courage, Henry’s Demons describes a young man’s sudden, frightening descent into schizophrenia and his father’s increasingly urgent attempts to understand his son’s illness and help him live with it. From celebrated British journalist Patrick Cockburn and his son Henry, this stirring memoir reveals both authors’ perspectives in alternating chapters, creating one of the most compelling and comprehensive portraits of schizophrenia ever written. We are delighted to share some of the coverage that Henry’s Demons has received.

“If you’re curious about schizophrenia, this would seem the book: intimate and authoritative, personal and wide-ranging. Henry gives the exact flavor of the unbalanced mind; his father then puts across the general ramifications.”

-The New York Times

“A mind-bending, heart-rending psychological classic.”

-Library Journal

You can watch Patrick on BBC “Breakfast News” here

You can listen to a BBC interview with both Patrick and Henry here.

Read an interview with Henry in the Guardian (London) here.

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