NAMI Smarts

NAMI Smarts is an interactive workshop designed to teach individuals how to effectively advocate for issues they believe in at the local level, state and federal levels.

You will learn to:

  • Harness the power of your personal story to affect change in your community
  • Successfully meet with legislators
  • Write compelling emails and letters to the public

How can I find a class in my area?

To find out where the NAMI Smarts programs are currently being offered in Michigan, please contact the NAMI Michigan main office in Lansing at 517-485-4049 or send an email to . You can also fill out a request to have someone from NAMI Michigan reach out to you on our Contact NAMI page. You can indicate your interest in the NAMI Smarts Education program on the form.

You can also review a listing of all of the NAMI Michigan affiliates maintained at the national NAMI site.