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  • Voting rights
  • News from NAMI
  • NAMI Michigan monthly e-News
  • Support through your local affiliate
  • Access to NAMI resources & information
  • NAMI quarterly Advocate magazine
  • Updates & Information on local support groups, educational programs, advocacy at affiliate, state & national levels

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Membership levels: $40 for General Membership and $5 for Open Door, reserved for those with limited incomes or financial hardships. Whenever possible, we will refer you to a NAMI chapter in your community for membership. If there is no local chapter, you will automatically be placed with NAMI Michigan.

NAMI is made up of local affiliates within state associations, which then form NAMI National. Most members of NAMI are part of an affiliate, a state organization and the national organization. The treasurer of each NAMI affiliate collects dues payment from each individual or family unit. This payment is made up of the membership fee for NAMI national, NAMI Michigan and the local NAMI affiliate. The local affiliate determines its local fees.

The minimum “Open Door Membership” fee is $1 for NAMI National, $2 for NAMI Michigan plus the amount the local affiliate charges for its “Open Door Membership.” An active, voting affiliate of NAMI must pay fees for its members to the state and national NAMI organizations. Name, address and contact information for members will be entered into the NAMI online 360 membership website by either the affiliate treasurer or the NAMI Michigan state office.

NAMI Michigan obtains its membership information and mailing information from this national database. Local affiliate treasurers or other designated person(s) should keep this information up to date. Members can also access their own personal information to keep it up to date through the website. The Table below shows the current dues structure.

General Membership | $40     

Family Membership | $60                                                                              

Open Door Membership  (for financial hardship) | $5

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